TAN Registration

Tax Deduction Account Number or Tax Collection Account Number is a 10-digit alphanumeric number issued by the Income Tax Department. This number is used for collecting tax at source (TCS) or for deducting tax at source (TDS).

From Rs : 10000 /-

TAN Registration

Step 1: Fill up the form 49 B which is available on the official portal and send it to any TIN Facilitation Centre of NSDL.

Step 2: After this, an acknowledgement slip consisting of the name of the applicant, applicant status, a 14-digit acknowledgement number, contact details, payment details and space for the signature wills pop-up on the screen.

Step 3: The print of the acknowledgement along with the documents is to be submitted at the NSDL at – NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited.


The number acts as a mediator for detecting and depositing taxes on behalf of the government

It is also useful during other deductions such as interest, dividends, and salary

It enables easy identification

It gives clarity regarding the amount of payable tax

    • Address proof of the applicant

    • Email id
    • PAN Card of the applicant
    • Contact details


No Returns filling
Custom & Banks Requirement
AD Code

Frequently Asked Questions

All those people who are needed to deduct tax at source or collect tax at source on the behalf of Income Tax Department are required to apply for registration and obtain TAN.

To obtain TAN, an application must be made in Form 49B at any of the authorized TAN Facilitation Center.

The provisions of section 203A of the Income-tax Act require all the people who deduct or collect tax at source to apply for the allotment of a TAN. The section also makes it necessary for TAN to quote in returns and challans as mentioned above to be issued. Failure to do so or comply with any of the other provisions of the section attracts a penalty of Rs. 10,000/-

TAN is needed to be quoted in returns and challans. As mentioned above, failure to register TAN and get the number can attract a penalty of Rs. 10,000/-

Duplicate TAN is a TAN which has been inadvertently obtained by the same person who is responsible for deduction or collecting a tax and who already has a TAN allotted to him before. It is illegal to possess or use more than one TAN.

Service tax payments must be deposited by companies, societies, trust, etc. monthly. Partnership firms and proprietary firms are required to make Service Tax payments quarterly.