Partnership Firm

A partnership firm with the synergy of your business partner, you can boost the growth of your business. Forming a partnership is the fastest way to cover up all the agreed terms legally amongst the partners. Agreed terms include profit and loss sharing ratio, remuneration, capital contribution, etc.

Partnership Firm

The partnership is simply a business structure that has two or more individuals that can manage and operate the business in accordance with the objectives and terms. It is owned, controlled, and managed by an association of people for profit.

These business firms are easier to start relatively. They are privileged amongst the small and medium-sized businesses in all the unorganized sectors. Drafting a deed for all the partners is important and Legal Way can help you register and start a Partnership anywhere in India. Legal Way is an eminent platform for all types of ideas and progressive concepts that need end-to-end incorporation, advisory, compliances, and management consultancy services. Establishing a Partnership firm is seamless, easy and the cheapest with Legal Way! Get a free consultation for Partnership registration and the setup in India from us by scheduling an appointment, today.

  • Identity Proof
  • Aadhar Card
  • Driving License
  • Election Id Card
  • Passport
  • Nature of Business
  • Address of Business
  • Capital Contribution


Low Cost Registration
Sharing of Risk
Compliances & Disclosure

Frequently Asked Questions

A partnership needs at least two individuals. People engaged in businesses other than banking can have 20 partners. Banking can have 10 partners.

No, registration of a partnership is not unnecessary but for a partner to lodge a complaint against another, the partnership must be registered. To bring the suit to the court it should be first registered. A family business may not require registration as a personal choice is a question.

A signed partnership deed that drafted with the appropriate value of non-judicial stamp paper is the full-proof of the partnership firm.

Yes, you can name your firm anything you wish to. However, copying a name is not legal.

Yes. Legal Way provides an online platform that serves in all the states and areas of the country. All you need is us and an internet connection on your mobile device or computer. Get your job done, right away.

Depends upon the business we need to do. You do not need to be present physically for the process as Legal Way is also an online catering platform but in case a meeting is needed, we will connect to you soon.