Confidentiality Statement

 As an experienced persona, Legal Way focuses on confidentiality of every client that we serve. This is applicable for each and every client that we serve. Find key features of our confidentiality as below:

  • We do not disclose our discussion with clients to any third party, other client or people in loop

  • We do not share any kind of information pertaining to our clients other than Legal Way employees

  • We are into a legal business and we understand completely the utmost importance of our clients personal data which is why we keep everything confidential

  • Legal Way shall disclose your information and data in-house with directors, officers, heads, etc.

  • We shall not disclose any data unless required by laws as per Constitution

 We are concerned about you and also about our business which is why we have come up with an innovative paper of agreement which is helpful for you as well as us in the matters of confidentiality.

The agreement states that:

  • Legal Way cannot be imposed of any kind of obligations for i) confidentiality of client information before issuing a business receipt, ii) public acknowledgement about the client information through any medium of communication, iii) third party involvement

  • Any information change from our side will be notified to the respective client through communication.

  • Any information change from you side must be notified to us through writing

  • You will be solely responsible for any kind of consequences observed due to activities conducted by you as per above obligations explanation.