PF Registration

Every business owner has to register their company for provident fund necessarily if it employed 20 people. PF regulation is beneficial to all salaried employees but carries an interest rate. Both employers, as well as employees, contribute 12% of their monthly income in PF. Registering for PF is very easy as the entire process is carried out online and it can be completed within a few hours. The regulation is administered by the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) and governed by The Ministry of Labour and Employment.

From Rs : 10000 /-

PF Registration

  • Step 1: Registering the company on the online portal of EPFO
  • Step 2: Downloading and reading the user manual provided on the wedsite
  • Step3: The registration step will be followed by registering the employer’s Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)


  • PF is a medium for tax-free saving that you can utilize after your retirement. It is 100% tax implemented if you are withdrawing the amount after it’s maturity. But pre-mature withdrawal carries some taxes.
  • It provides security as you can withdraw the amount pre-maturely in case of an emergency.
  • It offers liquidity in your finds during the financial crisis or inevitable circumstances.

  • Pan Card of the company
  • Proof of establishment of your company
  • Consent letter of the employees
  • Address proof of the company
  • Documents reflecting the annual turnover
  • Owner’s personal details like Name, mobile number, e-mail id, and address
  • Lease deed, if necessary
  • Scanned copy of the signature of the owner
  • Branch details, if any


Input Tax Credit Availment
Return Filing & Payment
Composition Scheme

Frequently Asked Questions

Any company which employees more than 20 people needs to register with PF department.

The time taken for PF registrations is approximately 10 to 15 working days.

12% of the basic salary deposited in PF account is contributed by employees whereas out of employee contribution of 12%; 3.67% is contributed to the provident fund and 8.33% is submitted in the pension scheme.

The employee contributes 12% of his/her basic salary and the same amount is contributed by the employer. His contribution is 12% basic salary is totally deposited in provident fund account whereas out of Employees contribution of 12%, 3.67% is contributed to PF and 8.33% is deposited in ‘Pension Scheme’.

The beneficiary of PF will not be able to access the EPFO Employer portal and view his PF status unless he has gone through the PF registration process.

Without PF registration, an employee cannot view his/her PF status on the EPFO portal and he would not also be able to claim any PF account.

The PAN issued by the ITD i.e. Income Tax Department in the name of your business entity is to be used for PF registration.