ISO Registration

International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) is a non-governmental and organisation that regulates the standard of the companies registered with them. This independent organisation sets the standards on the terms of efficiency, safety, and quality. IT has various series of standards like ISO 9001, ISO 1400z, OHSAS 18001, ISO 20000, ISO 50001, etc. that include various criteria and principals.

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Registration Procedure

  • Step 1: Fill up the online ISO application form and e-mail the organisation all the required documents.

  • Step 2: The documents are reviewed by the ISO auditor to gauge the scope of improvements.

  • Step 3: Create an action plan according to the ISO auditor’s suggestions.

  • Step 4: the next step is to carry out the certification audit which we completed in two stages. During the first stage, the ISO auditor will recognise non-conformities in your process. The second stage involves making the changes in your process and reviewed by the auditor.

    • PAN Card of the applicant
    • Passport size photograph
    • Copy of Aadhar card/Voter id Card
    • Two copies of purchase bill


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Frequently Asked Questions

ISO 9000 is a kind of ISO certifications that represents the quality of the product on an international basis and also ensures the company will meet up with the needed quality measures.

Yes, you can get ISO certification under multiple ISO standards. This will get you an additional recognition in the market.

There are different types of certifications that focus on different aspects of a business or organizational activity. Before obtaining ISO certification, you should have a look into your business processes and thoroughly analyze which parts of the processes are required to standardized with ISO standards. If you are not sure about the same, Legal Way will help you with identification and then help you for ISO registration and certification.

ISO audit is the basic tool that can check to quality process system to ensure that the organization is following the requirements as prescribed. Once you receive an ISO certification, ISO audit needs to be done on a yearly basis.

Yes. The revised version of the standard is as needed to small as well as large organizations, irrespective of your size. It will enable you to drive improvement and increase customer satisfaction.