Change AOA/LLP Agreement

At the time of formation, all the partners decide their rights and duties. The agreement acts as a guideline to work and allows them to work smoothly.

From Rs : 10000 /-

Change AOA/LLP Agreement

The agreement defines the responsibilities of directors, the scope of operations, right of partners, duties, etc of the company. This helps the shareholders to have a hold over directors/partners. The in AoA/ LLP agreement is required in case of the name change, change in office address, the difference in the capital contribution of partners, removal/addition of partners, etc.


  • Step 1: Resolution is passed by the partners to make changes in the agreement.
  • Step 2: A supplementary agreement is drafted on a stamp paper and attested by all the partners.
  • Step 3: After the resolution is approved/passed, submit Form 3 with the ROC with 30 days.

  • Consent letters by partners
  • Consent proof
  • Previous Agreement
  • Affidavit
  • Copy of resolution