Change LLP Name

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Change LLP Name

The name of the company is its identity as it is the first things anyone hears/knows about your business. The need to change the name of a company can occur due to mergers. Acqicisotns, transfer of business operations etc. There are 3-ways to change the name viz. Suo Moto (Section 16), Directions from Central Government (Section 17), Directions to Registrar (Section 18). The Central Government can order to change the name if it is too similar to an existing company or unavailability while registration. Failure to make it changes can result in the imposition of penalty between Rs.10, 000 to Rs 5 Lakh.


  • Step 1: Going through the agreements and look at whether there is a process mentioned to change the name.
  • Step 2: Calling a board meeting to fix a new name.
  • Step 3: Check availability of the name on Reservation of Unique Name application accessible on the MCA website.
  • Step 4: Get consent from all the partners.
  • Step 5: File the LLP-5 within the 30 days of approval along with consent letter, resolution, and other documents.
  • Step 6: Once ROC approves it, form 3 is filled along with a supplementary agreement with the new name.
  • Step 7: Companies having international incorporation should also fill From 28 and 29.

  • Pan Card
  • Supplementary Agreement
  • Consent Letters
  • Copy of resolutions
  • Notice of change of name
  • Copy of registration certificate