Booking keeping Services

Booking keeping Services

Booking keeping is recording and maintaining a business’s financial activity to get a clear picture of revenue, define income goals, and affirm transparency of the accounts of the company. It reflects the financial position of your business and hence helps you create a better operational process. It is a flexible solution that not only sets up the company’s accounts but also maintains it.

Advantages for registering under GST

  • It brings about lucidity in your accounts.
  • Since all the information is recorded determines the payrolls and outstanding bills.
  • It helps you to make financial decisions more easily.
  • Save the extra efforts of catching up with your finances at the last moment.
  • It helps you to monitor and limit the extra expenses and frauds.
  • Your accounts will be up-to-date as per the recent legal regulations.
  • Accurate tax prediction.
  • It helps you scale out a plan for your company’s future.

Services Included in Booking

  • Legal Recognition of Business
  • Avail Input Tax Credit
  • Make interstate Sales
  • Register on e-commerce website
  • Competitive Advantage over other Business
  • Build’s Trust among Stakeholders

GST Return filing

    Bank account details
    Deposit receipts
    Credit card statements